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Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Hermosa Beach Carpet CleaningNew carpet is a huge investment for many homeowners. Most homeowners have several misconceptions about carpet cleaning and general carpet care, but the truth may be surprising to you.

Here are the myths dispelled, to help homeowners understand proper maintenance, and to add many years of durability and appearance to their investment.

Myth #1: I can Save Money Purchasing Cheaper Carpet

This is the first mistake many homeowners make when getting new carpet for their home. While savings offered by choosing cheap carpet may be attractive, it really is not a good investment. Lesser grade carpet is made with less durable carpet fiber in the pile which has a very low wear resistance. In only months, an unsightly high traffic area can become visible, causing permanent and irreversible damage. Middle to upper price range carpets will render the best wear resistance, and will remain attractive even after 5 or 10 years.

Myth #2: I can Save Money Using A Lesser Grade Padding

This is another costly mistake homeowners make by trying to save on the installation of carpet. When an inexpensive carpet pad under the carpet breaks down, the carpet wears out prematurely. Not a good idea, especially if you just purchased top price carpet. Better to purchase good quality carpet pad instead.

Myth #3: My Carpet is Only 6 months To One Year Old, so it Doesn’t Need Cleaning

This is one of the most common and costly mistakes about carpet care. Almost every homeowner is under the false assumption that new carpet doesn’t require cleaning until it looks dirty. Unfortunately, by the time the soil is visible, much damage has already been done to the carpet. It is the soil you cannot see that causes the most damage; tiny pieces of dirt and soil that destroy the protective fiber coating and break the fiber down. The fuzz in your vacuum is your carpet going out the door, one clump at a time.

Myth #4: I Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning; I Have my Own Machine

Many homeowners purchase a home carpet cleaning machine or rent a machine from their local market. Cleaning with these type machines is one of the worst things that can be done to a carpet. These machines put a lot of water into the carpet, but cannot effectively extract it back out. The carpet takes days to dry, leaving it open to mold, mildew, and premature break down of the backing. Not to mention the build-up of soapy residue left behind that attracts rapid re-soiling and makes carpets look dull and dingy prematurely.

Myth #5: Carpet Stain Removal Products purchased Stores are Safe to use at home

There are a number of carpet stain removers that should be left right on the shelf at the store. These products have harsh chemicals in them in order to effectively address a wide variety of stain removal applications. Including ink, blood, red wine, coffee; and grease, rust, and oil stains. Unfortunately, these products will also remove color from about 1/2 of the carpets that are on the market.

Myth #6: Vacuuming my Carpet 1 – 2 Times a Week is Plenty

Even the cleanest of house keepers may believe that vacuuming the carpet once or twice weekly is a good enough to keep soil under control. However, all carpet manufacturers and the EPA recommend daily vacuuming. On a daily basis, many air born particles such as dust, pollen, industrial contaminants, animal hair, dander, dead skin, and dust mites settle by gravity into the carpet. The only effective way to deal with them is daily vacuuming. This is the single most important part of carpet care. Not only helping to improve indoor air quality, but removing dirt particles that damage carpet fibers; adding years to the lifetime of your carpet.

Myth #7: Steam Cleaning Leaves my Carpet Damp. Therefore I Should Use Only Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to carpet cleaners, there are several methods that professional carpet cleaning services use. According to the Institute of Inspection, Restoration, and Cleaning Certification (IICRC), the EPA, and all carpet manufacturers, the recommended method of cleaning is with a carpet steam cleaning machine.

A dry carpet cleaning machine will make the carpet look very good on the surface and appear very clean. When in actuality a considerable amount of soil is left in the carpet pile; which will quickly surface and re-soil the carpet. Also, a good amount of the dry detergent is left behind creating a sticky residue. Steam cleaning is actually a method of pressure washing a carpet clear down to the backing, and sucking up the solution and soils with a high powered vacuum – all in one stroke. When properly done, it removes 75% to 85% of the moisture used in the process. The remaining moisture dries quickly; usually within 10 – 20 hours, with good ventilation.

Myth #8: I Can Best Keep my Carpet Fresh with Sprinkle-on Deodorizer Powder

This is another terrible thing to do to a carpet. Sprinkle-on powder products contain talcum powder, which is not water soluble. This fine powder accumulates with repeated use, and becomes embedded in the carpet, backing, and pad. It does not completely vacuum up either.When you get your carpets cleaned through proper cleaning methods, it creates problems. The drying process causes the fine residual powder to wick to the surface, creating white stains on top of the carpet, which are impossible to get rid of.

Myth #9: a Water Pipe Burst and Flooded my Carpet, but I Can Dry it Myself

Wrong! Water damage carpet care is a tricky process that should be left to the professional. When a flood happens, there is a 48 to 72-hour window for effective drying before the onset of mold or mildew of which many are toxic. Homeowners are under the false assumption that sucking up the water with a shop vacuum and turning on a few fans will get things dry. It is impossible to adequately dry carpet with carpet padding in place within the time window to prevent mold or mildew. The carpet pad must be removed completely, and carpet and structure dried using industrial ventilation and dehumidifying equipment.

Myth #10: My Pet Soiled my Carpet; Now I Will Have to Tear it Out to Get Rid of the Pet Odor

While in extreme cases of pet urine odor a carpet is discarded, most of the time it can be effectively treated with an enzyme based pet odor remover. Enzyme formulas eliminate the pet urine stain at the source; enzymes digest and neutralize the urine residue, often removing any stain along with the odor.

By dispelling these top 10 carpet care myths, homeowners can look forward to a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive carpet. While at the same time adding years to the life of their carpets, and savings to their bank accounts.

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