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How to Eliminate Carpet Odors

carpet odorsDo you have a stinky carpet that is spoiling your whole room’s or house’s atmosphere? These carpet odors can be caused from a variety of things.

Pets, debris, dust and more can make the carpets just smell awful. Luckily there is a simple solution.

Baking soda has been known for years as an odor remover. That is why you keep that box in the refrigerator right? So why not try it on your smelly carpet?

In the event the odor is just in one spot and not the entire carpet, then liberally sprinkle the baking soda over that one spot. If though, you need to do the whole carpet then apply the baking soda over the whole area.

Leave the baking soda on the carpet over night if possible for full effect. Sometimes it takes more than just a few hours for the baking soda to work. To remove the baking soda first rake the carpet with a carpet rake and get as much of it raked up into a pile as you can. After you remove the pile then vacuum thoroughly this should get the rest of it. If it does not, you can lightly scrub the areas to remove the access.

If this does not work totally you can try a mist of a white vinegar solution. This is great for removing odors too. Now both of these solutions are effective non-toxic measures for getting rid of odors.

When you carpet odors are caused by pet urine though you might have to purchase solutions for removing the smell. The pet shops have them and they work quite effectively. The problem with pet urine is that it can seep into the padding below the carpet causing it harder to remove. If you think this has happened your can still try the solutions above but know it might take more than one application for them to work on this type of odor.

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