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Best Method To Use To Clean Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

We all want fresh-smelling and clean carpet all the time, I mean who doesn’t?

I can never imagine myself living in a house with soiled carpets!

You may ask- what is the best method to clean carpets?

I cannot tell you a specific method that works for every carpet because it would have to depend on the following things:

  • What your carpet is made of (this, I think is the most important factor to consider)
  • Whether or not your carpet has been treated for stain resistance
  • Amount of traffic on the carpet
  • Where the carpet is
  • Drying time
  • Whether or not somebody in the home has allergies to certain cleaning products

Here are the most popular methods in carpet cleaning:

Steam Cleaning

Also known as “Hot Water Extraction”, a hot water cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet by using a high-pressure jet spray. A wet vacuum will then be used to suck up the solution, water and dirt. This is the most common method used in professional carpet cleaning services. This procedure involves a number of stages including a thorough pre-vacuum so dry soils can be removed from the carpet before they are wet and turn to mud, treating spots and stains, pre-spraying with a cleaning solution, stirring of the solution into the carpet pile, hot water extraction and application of deodorizer.

Dry Method

Some people swear by this method because there is no drying time or whatsoever. It actually involves a three-part procedure: solvent sprinkling on the carpet, going over the carpet using a special buffer with two rotating heads and vacuuming. As you vacuum, all the powder and accumulated dirt will be removed.


This method is really simple- a cleaning solution is shampooed onto the carpet with a circular brush. The rotating action of the brush creates foam which traps the soil and is then removed as the foam is vacuumed away.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet (spin pad) should be placed at the base of your buffer and then you have to dip it into a shampoo solution. Go over the carpet just as if you are buffing your floor. Continue doing this until you remove the dirt from the carpet. Finish off by vacuuming the carpet once it is dry.

Foam Cleaning

The machine used in this method generates the foam. You use a brush to agitate the foam on the carpet and an extraction vacuum will then be used to pick up the foam and the trapped soil and dirt.

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